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Admission information

Admission requirements

Target age: 3 months old to preschoolers

Nursery school Monday to Saturday (closed on Sundays and public holidays)


Childcare hours


extended childcare


Childcare fee

Childcare fee
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Admission process

1 Inquiry → 2 Schedule adjustment → 3 Trial admission/tour → 4 Application → 5 Admission

1. Please feel free to contact us by email or phone.

2. We will adjust the schedule for trial admission and tours.

3. We will provide you with a trial admission and tour to give you an explanation.

4. We will carry out the application procedure at the nursery school.

5 Thank you for your continued support.

Things to prepare

○Please be sure to bring it on the first day of admission.

◆Health check list

◆Copy of health certificate

◆Toothbrush set

◆Baby bottles and powdered milk

◆Baby food

◆Copy of latest health insurance card

◆Hat (with rubber)


◆Meal apron

◆Sports shoes (no strings)

○Please be sure to bring it with you every day.

◆Contact book (already written) 

◆Diaper (enter your name) 

◆ Towel with string

◆Change of clothes (jacket and underwear x 2 each) (no skirts or ties)

◆Hand towel

◆Plastic bags (2 pieces)

◆Dirty bag (eco bag available)

System details

・Children enrolled in monthly childcare will receive at least 3 days of trial childcare.

・If siblings attend the school, 40% off childcare fees for the younger child.

・Please pay the entrance fee and monthly tuition fee for the following month by the end of the month.

・Please pay any extension fees on the day.

・Once paid, enrollment fees, childcare fees, etc. cannot be refunded under any circumstances.

・Monthly childcare on Saturdays will be charged +600 (1 hour).

・School lunch fee: 5,000 yen ticket (purchased only when joining. From then on, declaration required)

​・Unlicensed nursery school assistance Benefit One Welfare assistance available


★Extension fee: 1,100 yen for 30 minutes ★Admission fee: 30,000Yen (renewal fee 1 year 10,000 yen)★Snack fee: 50 yen/time

​★Entrance supplies 2,500 yen ★Facility usage fee 3,500 yen ★Insurance fee and separate school lunch expenses (ordered only) All + tax 

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