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Childcare leave, maternity leave, nursery school, waiting list children
Nobinobi childcare, small group childcare, toilet training, food education, educational childcare

your child's growth

A place where you can freely create

Shibuya childcare, Shinjuku childcare, English childcare, pre-childcare, waiting list children, infant programming
Childcare once a week Pre-childcare English childcare Shinjuku Shibuya Ward Nursery School
Unlicensed daycare center Shinjuku Ward English daycare Nakano Ward daycare Shibuya Ward daycare
What pua na na aims to do
Farewell childcare, monitoring childcare, Shinjuku childcare, Nakano childcare, waiting list children
A nursery school where you can leave your child with peace of mind for working mothers, childcare, and child growth.
Announcements from nursery schools: Food education, evacuation drills, English childcare, Shinjuku childcare, Nakano Ward childcare
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Kids room Puananala wants to be a partner for all families with children.We respond flexibly to the different needs of each family.


Establishing a rhythm of life, knowing meal etiquette, etc.

Parents and childcare workers should mutually understand what they want their children to learn.

Kids room Puananala We provide small group childcare in Shinjuku in cooperation with parents.


We will develop each child's sensitivity and thinking skills through play.

PUANAANAALA Sunflower Nursery School Shinjuku Nursery School English childcare Small group childcare
Things you can only do at pua na na

To enable children to engage in as many voluntary activities as they like,

I want to create an environment where I can freely choose teaching materials and give it a try!

nurturing and supporting children at each stage of development,

Independent, competent, responsible and considerate of others.

Important development as a person who has a lifelong learning attitude

I want to raise my children together with my parents.

​ At the nursery school

We aim to help you use your own power to carry out activities that are connected to your daily life.

Pre-childcare Preparation for Kindergarten Now recruiting for admission
Characteristics of childcare: vertically divided childcare, small group childcare
Characteristics of childcare

This is a vertically divided childcare system with small groups.
Growing up in a vertically divided childcare environment with age differences,

interact effectively with each other,Encourages the growth of compassion and gratitude for others.

Extracurricular activities English, infant gymnastics, English childcare, Shinjuku Central Park, Toyama Park
Shibuya waiting list children, temporary childcare popular, English childcare
Shinjuku Nursery School English Childcare Temporary Childcare
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・Pay in installments for one month's childcare fee
Please feel free to contact us if you are interested.
・We are recruiting kindergarteners ♪ Please feel free to contact us.
​Shinjuku English childcare English lessons Small group childcare Shinjuku popular nursery schoolShinjuku Nursery School English Temporary Childcare Unlicensed Rhythmic

Welfare benefits/unauthorized subsidies available

During my daily activities, I exercise,study English,

We will be playing games that will develop the children's curiosity, such as singing songs.
We hold various events throughout the year to develop our senses.

​Main activity parks (Shinjuku-ku Central Park, Kita-Shinjuku Park, Kashiwagi Park, Toyama Park, etc.)

Food education, lunch boxes, school lunches, how children eat

For lunch, I have a bento box made by my mother.You are welcome to bring it with you.
Time to make lunch and eat deliciously
I know it's hard, but I want to enjoy my mother's taste in the bento box she made with love.

We would like to work with you on food education.

Homemade school lunches are also available for children who wish.

Nursery school surveillance camera Nursery school security Nursery school safety Childcare insurance

We will respond quickly to any accidents that occur not only during childcare, but also on the way to and from kindergarten.
We have also installed a camera in front of the park that can monitor the park 24 hours a day.
Please also enjoy the childcare diary written by our staff on the Mainichi app.

Childcare system
Childcare worker recruitment Childcare system Nursery school Child Pre-mama

The nursery school has staff with qualifications as nursery teachers, childminders, and child safety law support staff.

A childcare worker is always present.
Childcare workers who are not qualified as childcare assistants also take care of children.
We are a nursery school where you can leave your child with peace of mind and want to help mothers who are active and active.

Nursery School Inquiry Nishi-Shinjuku Nursery School English Childcare Child Recruitment Inquiry

Opening hours

Monday-Friday  8:00-18:00

Saturday (reservation required) 8:00-18:00

Closed on Sundays and holidays

Shibuya Nursery, Yoyogi Park Excursion, Pony Park, Kindergarteners Recruiting
Nursery school opening hours: Night childcare, temporary childcare, childcare ticket system
3 year old childcare, food education, English childcare Shinjuku
Nakano Ward Childcare, Shibuya Ward Childcare, Infant Programming
Popular nursery school in Shinjuku, temporary childcare, English childcare
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