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A child's day

Nursery school schedule Morning childcare English childcare
Trial childcare, toddler production, English lessons, children's snacks

child's first year

Childcare events, excursions, Toyama Park, Shinjuku Central Park, Kita-Shinjuku, Nishi-Shinjuku
Halloween Nursery School, Mountain Climbing Nursery School, Toyama Park, Pool Play Nursery School, Shinjuku Central Park

☆Small group system☆Lifestyle☆Mixed childcare☆Safe childcare


With small group childcare, you can meet friends of different ages.

Develop social skills by interacting with each other.

At Daycare, we help children learn basic lifestyle habits.

​We will provide activities tailored to each individual such as English lessons, rhythmic training, gymnastics, and production.

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