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Infant programming night care

​Night childcare learning place

KIDSROOM PUANANALA ~Night~ also provides a place where children can study in place of busy parents during night childcare. Through ``early childhood programming,'' we foster ``thinking,'' ``judgment,'' and ``power of expression,'' inspired by Monsori Hi Education, which respects children's spontaneous discovery and learning. You can learn the basics of programming through play using the "Programming in English" cuvette.

24-hour childcare, night care, temporary childcare

​Night sleep onset

24-hour childcare, night childcare, Shinjuku night care

​School lunch

Monthly childcare fees include school lunch fees. At the nursery school, we provide ``food education'' to develop knowledge about ``food'' and the ability to choose well-balanced ``foods.'' On behalf of busy parents, we will help children develop various attitudes toward food.

24-hour childcare, night nursery school, temporary childcare

From 8pm to 9pm, I fall asleep while listening to picture books and music boxes. At the nursery school, we have installed a web camera that parents can view on their mobile phones so that parents can feel safe even when they are far away. Please enjoy the lessons and the things your child is doing that you don't usually see.

​ Contact book app

At KIDSROOM PUANANALA, we are using the ``KIDSNOTE'' contact book app to provide a simple and secure contact list for parents who are busy every day. You can use the app to receive a variety of communications from your childcare provider, such as daily diary communications for your child, emergency communications, extended pick-up communications, and school lunch menus.

​Night childcare fee

​Night childcare fee​School lunch included

Night childcare admission recruitment Shinjuku nursery school

★Admission fee: 15,000 yen (+ tax)

★Maintenance fee: 1500 yen (+ tax)

★Card issue: 1000 yen (+ tax)

~Every month~

★Insurance price: 800 yen (+ tax)

★Snack price: 50 yen (pay as you go for 1 meal)


​★Diaper cost: 50 yen (1 diaper)

Basic childcare hours: 18:00-2:00maximum extension up to 4 o'clock)

Extension fee: 1000 yen for 15 minutes, 2500 yen for 15 minutes after 2pm

​ *Please be sure to check the contract details

​Temporary childcare

Nighttime childcare, 24-hour childcare, Shinjuku nursery school
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